Who are the NIC®?

NIC® is the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology

They’ve created a standardized written test for estheticians that they’ve promoted successfully across the United States. More than 30 states use their written exam for estheticians (as well as Guam and District of Columbia).

What this means, especially since generously populated California* is in the mix, that the majority of esthetician students today will be taking an NIC® theory exam. And if you are an aspiring esthetician (and can’t imagine you’d be investigating esthetician-standards-promoting bureaucracies if not – but hey, no judgment here) then you should check out whether your state uses their test on our Your State Test page. More than likely, they do.

You also want to be sure and check out the NIC® Candidate Information Bulletin which can be found here. It gives an outline of the subjects your test will focus on. Please note: Our app helps prepare students for the written esthetics exam – NOT for the written advanced esthetics exam.

*There is a separate NIC® Candidate Bulletin for the California written esthetics exam. The subjects covered are exactly the same. The only difference is the amount of time California students will have to take the test – 120 minutes as opposed to 90 minutes for other states.