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Hey there, aspiring esthetician

Been there. The dreaded practical looming, punching that time card, the necessary hours ticking down painfully slowly.

What I wasn’t worried about was the written exam. Had read the text cover to cover, done the practice exams. Applying fake eyelashes under pressure, THAT had me concerned, but the written exam? In the bag, my friend, in the bag.

Cut to me finishing my written exam, breaking into a cold sweat, all confidence AWOL. When I found out I’d passed, I was relieved but confused. It was like some of the questions came from a different book.

Here’s what I didn’t realize – in a way some of them had come from another book. The NIC®, the organization that provides the test for over 30 states, uses two main textbooks when creating their exam: Milady’s and Salon Fundamentals (published by Pivot Point). Like all esthetician students, I’d studied from one.

There’s a sensible reason for this – these two textbooks cover a lot of similar territory. But they’re not identical. And explains why some of the questions didn’t have that familiar ring.

SO. It was very important to me that a test for estheticians be prepared from BOTH textbooks. Over 1100 pages of esthetician textbooks were sourced for this exam. The things I do for you.

And of the 17 states that don’t claim to use the NIC® exam, many still have tests which look very similar (e.g. same textbooks referenced, same subject matters tested on, but may be different in that they have a higher percentage of state regulation questions). In which case our app would still be a great tool to help you prep.

So what does your state use? Are you from Florida? Go no further. No written for you. That kind of worries me, but you’re off the hook. And the rest of you? You can find out by going to our Your State Test page.

Our quiz focuses on the same subjects that the NIC® written exam will test you on. There are chapters in both books they’re simply not interested in. While there’s good general knowledge to be had in those chapters, if they’re not on the test, they’re not in our exams.

All you need is an Android or Apple mobile device and a little time, and you can study anywhere. Our app contains over 800 multiple choice questions. Have I mentioned these questions are sourced from both textbooks? 1100 pages? And why yes, there is a limit on how fascinating steaming procedures can be.

Best of luck, aspiring esthetician! Send us an email when you pass your tests via our support section and add you to our Wall of Win!